Millie Inbetween

Millie InbetweenNew CBBC series from The Foundation

Millie Inbetween is a new 13-episode comedy series about families - in this instance complicated ones! Millie's parents have just split up and she and her big sister Lauren are alternating between Mum's house and Dad's flat. Millie soon spots the upside to this family set-up - two chances to celebrate Christmas, two birthdays and two bedrooms. But there are downsides too. Both parents start new relationships and their partners have children too - and it looks like everyone wants to move in. Millie's situation will be familiar to many of the CBBC audience, and the shrewd, sparky 12 year-old will illuminate the ups and downs of her topsy turvy family set-up. The series promises to be both poignant and funny in equal measure.

Millie Inbetween is made by The Foundation for the CBBC Channel. The Executive Producer for The Foundation is Elaine Sperber and Melissa Hardinge is the executive producer for CBBC. The series is mixed by Aaron O'Neill, and the online-editor & colourist is Oleg Jitov.