DoubleBand Films Documentary

On the 31st August 1994, after 25 years of the troubles, the provisional IRA declared its ceasefire. Six weeks later Loyalist paramilitaries did likewise.

These weeks marked a definitive transition into a post-conflict society. One in which political dialogue - however strained on occaisions - replaced the violence.

On the twentieth anniversary of these historic events a new documentary from DoubleBand Films for BBC Northern Ireland explores the background to these announcements and how the silencing of the guns was a fraught and fragile process. One that, even in the days, weeks, and months that preceded the ceasefires, left many people dead - and relatives to face a lifetime of pain and loss.

In addition to victim' relatives, interviewees in Ceasefire include journalists David McKittrick, Eamonn Mallie, Brian Rowan, Fionnuala O'Connor and Susan McKay, and former intermediaries such as Fr Gerry Reynolds.

Ceasefire is a DoubleBand Films production for BBCNI and was produced and directed by Dermot Lavery and Jonathan Golden. The 60minute documentary was edited by David Gray. The online-editor and colourist was Jonny Fetherston and sound was mixed by Aaron O'Neill.