BarristersLaw Documentary Series From Crawford McCann

For almost 100 years the justice system in Northern Ireland has been a hidden world but now, for the first time, one legal institution has allowed the cameras in. 

Barristers is a five part series which follows Lawyers as they prepare for legal cases relating to problems in every area of life. Narrated by Conleth Hill, these stories are told over a period of 15 months.

 The series was produced by Kelda Crawford McCann for BBC NI and edited by Greg Darby, Sharon Darby, and Claire O'Neill, all of whom were assisted by Sorcha Nic Giolla Mhuire. Picture finishing was completed by Jonny Fetherston and sound was mixed by Aaron O'Neill. 

Barristers airs weekly at 10:35pm, BBC ONE NI, from March 17th.