The Extraordinary Life of Castlereagh

The Extraordinary Life of CastlereaghOne Hour Documentary for BBC NI.

The Extraordinary Life of Castlereagh is a one hour documentary for DoubleBand Films. Directed by Brian Henry Martin, it aims to give us an insight into the real Castlereagh - a reactionary tyrant, or a misunderstood visionary? Britain's greatest ever foreign secretary, or Irelands biggest traitor?

Early in the morning of the 10th of August, 1822, Lord Castlereagh took his own life at the age of just 53. It was a tragic end for an Irishman who had wielded political power like no other before, or since. Castlereagh was the dominant politician in regency Britain and the architect of the 1801 Act of Union. Despite immense political success in Europe, back home in Ireland, Castlereagh was seen as an enemy of liberty and freedom.

The Extraordinary Life of Castlereagh was produced by Clare McParland for DoubleBand Films and Edited by David Gray. The On-Line Editor & Colourist was Jonny Fetherston and Sound was mixed by Paul Maynes and Aaron O'Neill.