HANS LITTEN VS ADOLF HITLERBBC2 Commission for Hardy Pictures

Just completed in Yellowmoon was the online grading and sound mix of Hardy Pictures “To Stop a Tyrant: Hans Litten vs. Adolf Hitler”. The 60 min documentary explores the true story of a Jewish lawyer who challenged Hitler and paid with his life.

In the spring of 1931, with Germany on the brink of economic collapse, the audacious Hans Litten put Adolf Hitler on the witness stand of a Berlin court. At great personal risk the young lawyer aimed to expose the true character of Hitler to the German public and thereby halt the phenomenal rise of the Nazi Party. In a humiliating and hostile cross-examination, Hitler was forced to account for his violent methods, his apparent contempt for the law and his stated desire to destroy German democracy. Hitler survived the ordeal, but it was a close encounter which he never forgot.

Combining expert interviews with survivor testimony and original archive material this unique film explores the extraordinary story of Litten himself. Due to be screened on BBC2 in autumn 2011.

Directed by Mark Hayhurst.