THE PERFECT MURDERNew doc from Doubleband Films

Just completed in Yellowmoon is the 1 x30 minute documentary for Channel 4 "The Perfect Murder". It will be broadcast on the 26th August at 19:30 as part of the First Cut strand which showcases distinctive new films by up and coming directors.

In 1991 the bodies of policeman Trevor Buchanan and a family friend, Lesley Howell, were found in a car in Castlerock, Northern Ireland. At the time it was believed that Trevor and Lesley had formed a suicide pact. For their surviving spouses, Colin Howell and Hazel Buchanan, life slowly returned to normal. But in January 2009 Colin contacted the police and told them that he and Hazel had murdered their respective spouses. Following his confession, Colin was convicted of murder and sentenced to 21 years in prison and Hazel, who pleaded not guilty, was also convicted of murder. She is serving an 18-year jail sentence.

The Perfect Murder examines the story behind the murders and features unique access to Hazel’s husband and her children who are standing by her.  This film reveals the extraordinary situation of a family being torn apart by a murder that took place eighteen years ago.

Produced by Jane Magowan, Directed by Judy Kelly. Edited by David Gray, Mixed by Paul Maynes.