WHOLE LOTTA SOLEComedy Heist from Terry George

Currently cutting in Yellowmoon is Terry George's siege comedy "Whole Lotta Sole" which began shooting in Northern Ireland on 8th April. The movie focuses on a debt-ridden young man who in a misguided attempt to protect his family and pay back gambling debts to the local Mobster, he robs a fish market, which is coincidentally owned by the same Mobster. On the run, Jimbo is cornered in a local curio shop, where he takes hostage an assortment of colorful characters, including Maguire, who may be his illegitimate father. Surrounded by the Police, the SAS, and the Mobster's crew, the young man must find a way out of his precarious predicament with the help of his oddball captives. Starring Brendan Fraser and Colm Meaney.

Produced by Jay Russell, Terry George, Simon Bosanquet and David Gorde. Directed by Terry George.

Edited by Nick Emerson, Assistant Editors are Andy Tohill and Robert Wright.