A Special Relationship

A Special Relationship3-Part Series for DoubleBand Films

A Special Relationship

When Lesley Riddoch was growing up in east Belfast she thought she was the only child in Northern Ireland whose parents recited Burns and sang Scottish lullabies. But as she discovers in 'A Special Relationship', starting on Sunday 5 February on BBC Two Northern Ireland at 10pm, there are many people in both Northern Ireland and Scotland with the same strong cultural connections and family ties.

Lesley begins her journey in Argyll visiting the ancient Dunadd Fort - once the citadel of the Kings of Dalriada. The story of Scotland as a nation is said to have begun here and people from the north of Ireland are credited with being its first kings. To find out if those historical links are still relevant today, she returns across the channel, and during the series, meets local people throughout Northern Ireland to explore these connections.

A Special Relationship was post produced at Yellowmoon for DoubleBand Films.

Editor: Claire O'Neill

Online Editor: Jonny Fetherston

Colourist: Scott Ferguson

Mixer: Aaron O'Neill