Britain's Ancient Tracks with Tony Robinson

3-Part Documentary Series For Channel 4

Doubleband's three-part series, Britain's Ancient Tracks with Tony Robinson explores the mysteries and legends behind Britain's network of ancient trackways.

Yellowmoon was tasked with creating a televisual experience that made the viewer feel like they were travelling alongside Tony on his journeys. Every episode had to capture in detail the beauty and essence of each remarkable route, and show-off the outstanding landscapes of some of the oldest roads in the country.

Using Avid Pro Tools 12.5 software and S6 Console control surface in Yellowmoon's newly refurbished Dolby theatre, dubbing audio mixers Paul Maynes and Aaron O'Neill worked hard to stir the viewer's imagination by bringing the past alive. Grading artist, Scott Ferguson, also used DaVinci Resolve to heighten the beauty of Great Britain's various landscapes while keeping the look realistic and grounded

"We wanted to make sure that our work supported the stunning scenery captured by DoubleBand during filming. It also had to pull the viewer in to believe they were walking with Tony Robinson to make them feel connected with the story," commented Greg Darby, Managing Director at Yellowmoon. "Working closely with director, Brian Henry Martin and producer, Ben O' Loan, we were able to bring their work to life by creating a series that would tell the many tales of Britain's ancient trackways."

Series Editors: Andrew Tohill, Greg Darby, Sorcha Nic Giolla Mhuire
Dubbing Mixers: Paul Maynes, Aaron O'Neill
Colourist: Scott Ferguson
On-line Editor: Jonathan Fetherston