The Frankenstein Chronicles

6-Part Drama For ITV Encore

Post Produced in Yellowmoon, The Frankenstein Chronicles, is a 6 part period drama for ITV Encore. Sean Bean leads the cast as a fearless detective on the hunt for a crazed killer in Regency London in 1827.

Managing Director of Rainmark Films, Tracey Scoffield has said that the series is a 'mash-up of a genre detective thriller and a horror brand. The series is, to an extent, set in the world of Mary Shelley's book. It was a time when people were very interested in new science and body-snatching took place for medical research. Those themes were fed into her work and we are set in that world.'

Creators Benjamin Ross and Barry Langford use the world of Shelley's gothic class as a backdrop for the series.

Series Editors: Fran Parker and Jesse Parker, assisted by Rory Caldwell.
Picture finishing was completed by Jonny Fetherston, sound was mixed by Paul Maynes, and Yellowmoon VFX were created by Darren Nash and Paul Barrett.