Great Irish Journeys With Martha Kearney

Great Irish Journeys With Martha KearneyTern TV Documentary Series

Martha Kearney retraces the journey of George Victor Du Noyer, whose 35 year odyssey left a unique record of how Ireland looked during a period of great change. In constructed walks to the four corners of Ireland the series unlocks the country's exquisite landscapes. Exploring the Ireland that Du Noyer saw and drew, Martha discovers the story of Ireland's hidden landscapes at a crucial moment in the country's history. Each episode will also reveal the intrinsic relationship between the people and the land (something that Du Noyer was the first to document) and will chart changes that face the modern country today.


Episode one takes viewers to the mountains, bogland and coast. In episode two, Martha explores the north and sees how the landscape has had a profound bearing on its history. In the third programme she visits places of power in Ireland, from ancient times through to the end of the Victorian period. And in the fourth programme, she looks at how remote landscapes provided opportunities for Ireland's spiritual side to blossom.


Great Irish Journeys was edited by Paul Devlin. Picture colouring and finishing was completed by Jonny Fetherston, with sound mixed by Paul Maynes.