The Man Who Shot The Great War

DoubleBand Films WW1 Film

DoubleBand Film’s The Man Who Shot The Great War airs on BBC One Northern Ireland on Monday, November 17 at 9.00pm.

Edited by Andrew Tohill, The Man Who Shot The Great War, tells the remarkable story of Lance Corporal George Hackney, 36th Ulster Division, born in Belfast in 1888. For the first time, viewers will get to see some of the most evocative images he shot and follow George’s own ethical and spiritual journey. Documented in his diaries, the film explores the profound effect war had on him. What transformed a man from fighter to pacifist, from Presbyterian Elder to the man looking for answers and embracing a new eastern religion, the Bahá’í faith, in later life.

The landmark programme, made for BBC Northern Ireland by DoubleBand Films, includes George’s images of soldiers starting their journey - crossing the sea to war, relaxing with friends and comrades and life in barracks on the Front Line. These contrast with images from the first day of the Battle of the Somme, life in the trenches and poignant reminders, that for many soldiers, they would never return home.“As a collection of photographs of the First World War, they are totally exceptional. In terms of what they tell us about the First World War, the 36th Ulster Division, I’ve never seen anything like them before. I don’t suppose I ever will again.” Amanda Moreno, Museums of The Royal Irish Regiment.

The online editor / colourist was Jonny Fetherston and sound was mixed by Paul Maynes.