Rome: The World's First Superpower

Channel 5 Series For 360 Production

On a once-in-a-lifetime journey visiting key locations, Larry Lamb sets out to discover what made the Romans so successful. He has spent years learning the Italian language while studying the history and culture of Rome, and now brings this ancient world alive with his passion, a wealth of fascinating detail and colourful CGI.

The history of Rome is a 1,000-year-long epic, filled with murder, ambition, betrayal and greed and encompassing such legendary characters as Romeʼs Iron Age founders Romulus and Remus and its greatest general Julius Caesar.

Larry is accompanied by some of Europe and Americaʼs foremost classical experts who reveal the atmosphere of intrigue, conflict and violence at the places where the saga unfolded, including Rome, Pompeii, Sicily, France and Tunisia. 

The online editor / colourist was Jonny Fetherston, and dubbing mixer was Aaron O'Neill.

Rome: The World's First Superpower was produced by Edward Hart, with Executive Producer John Farren.