Yellowmoon is a state of the art Avid based facility house. We have 20 High Definition picture cutting rooms, all of which are supported by a central machine room and all have access to formats from HDCamSR to Digital Betacam.

Our edit suites are networked via Avid Unity - shared servers which provide over 100 terabytes of storage. This means that you can have several editors working on the same material at the same time - an invaluable facility which leads to massive savings on both time and hassle. Our online department is driven by the latest powerful AVID-DS, and DaVinci Resolve systems to colour and grade.

Alongside our picture facilities we also offer sound post production. Yellowmoon can cater for all sound requirements from syncing rushes through to the final mix. We house two audio-focused suites including a 5.1 Surround Sound Dubbing Theatre built around Avids ICON D-Command mixing desk. Both studios run the latest HDX-Driven Pro Tools HD software allowing easy integration with our Avid editing systems. Our C24 Studio setup houses a spacious booth for recording VoiceOver or ADR complete with the industry standard EdiCue and EdiPrompt cueing system. As well as mixing and recording in-house, our studios utilise Source Connect which enables you to connect to a studio in another part of the world - in real time. Perfect for listening into an ADR session where the artist is in another country, or to enable you to listen into an ADR session where the artist is with us, and you are elsewhere.